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OPENING KEYNOTE : The 7 keys of the entrepreneurial mindset to survive and thrive in our new world

Opening Keynote door gerenommeerd gastspreekster, fashion specialist en award winnares VALERIA DOMINGUEZ, Digital Influencer (Spain) www.digitalinfluencer.com 

We are living in a new omni-channel reality. An era of many voices, many platforms, big players, small players, tremendous opportunity and tremendous chaos. In this new reality, everything is changing and nothing is certain. How can you survive, how can you thrive, how can you succeed in this new digital world? Whether you are a startup entrepreneur at a local coffee-shop or a multinational vice president in your corner office, you need to have a sharp, fresh, agile vision for the future and for 'your' future. You need a keen understanding of your value, a strong personal brand and most of all, you need an Entrepreneurial Mindset. 

Valeria DOMINGUEZ, a multilingual engineer with a Harvard MBA, and the founder and CEO of Digital Infiluencer, shows you the 7 key components of the Entrepreneurial Mindset , to survive and thrive in our new world. 

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